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Acorelle is a pioneer in organic and natural beauty and develops effective, pleasant and creative products, all in accordance with the body and the environment. These products include a certified organic range of deodorants as well as natural Eaux de Toilette. Acorelle formulations contain natural active agents from readily available organic sources. In order to guarantee this responsible, sustainable process, all products are Ecocert certified and carry the Cosmebio label.

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The Multi-Gyn product range consists of Actigel, FloraPlus, Douche and Effervescent Tablets, Femiwash, Liquigel as well as the more recent additions,  Intifresh intimate wipes and Multi-Gyn IntiSkin, a vaginal deodoriser.  These products prevent and treat vaginal discomforts based on the patented 2QR-complex that neutralises harmful bacteria in a safe and natural way. Multi-Gyn products are sold in over 36 countries around the world.
All products are based on natural ingredients and are preservative free. The products can be used alongside other medication and are safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

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Multi-Mam products are a range of products for mother and child.  They consist of Multi-Mam Balm and Multi-Mam Compresses for the relief of breastfeeding discomforts.  The latest addition is Multi-Mam BabyDent, a teething gel without the use of anaesthetic drugs.   All Multi-Mam products are  completely safe for both mother and child. They are based entirely on natural ingredients and do not contain preservatives.


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“I highly recommend the multi-mam babydent, it worked miracles on my little one plus I used as much as I wanted since the product is safe to use as much as required. The online service was great and the product arrived within a day. Thanks”  Genevieve

- Multi-Mam BabyDent

” I love Multi-Gyn products, recommend them to friends and family” – Naomi

- Multi-Gyn

” I found Multi-Mam products very effective, especially the (BabyDent) teething gel. It is safe to use as often as required, which is very helpful on those bad teething days.”  – Odette   “My baby says thank you as well, as without Multi-Mam BabyDent he would go crazy” Danica   “I do recommend Multi-Mam BabyDent , […]

- Multi-Mam BabyDent

The best natural deo ever – Susan I won’t change it for anything!! – Jackie Fresh and smooth as silk….the best !!! – Nella It’s the only one I use – Helen

- Acorelle Fresh Deodorant

I’ve been using this for a few weeks morning and night on my eyebrows and upperlip. I’ve especially noticed how much it works on my upperlip. I usually use facial hair bleach to make the finer hairs less noticeable and then pluck the thicker ones. Well I haven’t had any bleach, and I haven’t had […]

- Acorelle Hair Regrowth Minimizer – Face

I use these strips on my legs. They were easy to use, several strips for each leg were required. I have sensitive skin and found that unlike other non-organic hair removers, they left no soreness or redness. ” Julia, Malvern

- Acorelle Body Hair Removal Strips

“This product is very easy to use and works extremely well. I have tried cheaper versions from other companies and they did not work at all. This is an excellent product and well worth every penny!” Stephanie, Mine Hill

- Acorelle Face Hair Removal Strips

Natural deodorant with truffle regrowth inhibitor. I have my mother and my aunt using it now as well. I love it and this small bottle lasts long.” Diana, Brooklyn

- Acorelle Hair Minimizer Deodorant

The best natural deodorant I have EVER used! And I have tried many!” Linda, Bournemouth

- Acorelle Fresh Deodorant

The Compresses are fantastic, a life/nipple-saver for me! CK

- Multi-Mam