Good things come in small packages.

Good things come in small packages; think about it. Kittens,...

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Finally ……a natural product that really works. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! N.  Valenzia

- Nutri-Gyn MenoComplete

Started using Nutri-Gyn today. All day haven’t had a single hot flush…normally I get very bad frequent hot flushes . It’s been amazing after only 1day of use!! Will definitely continue using Nutri-Gyn on a daily basis. Jennifer Zarb

- Nutri-Gyn MenoComplete

“I highly recommend the multi-mam babydent, it worked miracles on my little one plus I used as much as I wanted since the product is safe to use as much as required. The online service was great and the product arrived within a day. Thanks”  Genevieve

- Multi-Mam BabyDent

” I love Multi-Gyn products, recommend them to friends and family” – Naomi

- Multi-Gyn

” I found Multi-Mam products very effective, especially the (BabyDent) teething gel. It is safe to use as often as required, which is very helpful on those bad teething days.”  – Odette   “My baby says thank you as well, as without Multi-Mam BabyDent he would go crazy” Danica   “I do recommend Multi-Mam BabyDent , […]

- Multi-Mam BabyDent

The best natural deo ever – Susan I won’t change it for anything!! – Jackie Fresh and smooth as silk….the best !!! – Nella It’s the only one I use – Helen

- Acorelle Fresh Deodorant

I’ve been using this for a few weeks morning and night on my eyebrows and upperlip. I’ve especially noticed how much it works on my upperlip. I usually use facial hair bleach to make the finer hairs less noticeable and then pluck the thicker ones. Well I haven’t had any bleach, and I haven’t had […]

- Acorelle Hair Regrowth Minimizer – Face

I use these strips on my legs. They were easy to use, several strips for each leg were required. I have sensitive skin and found that unlike other non-organic hair removers, they left no soreness or redness. ” Julia, Malvern

- Acorelle Body Hair Removal Strips

“This product is very easy to use and works extremely well. I have tried cheaper versions from other companies and they did not work at all. This is an excellent product and well worth every penny!” Stephanie, Mine Hill

- Acorelle Face Hair Removal Strips

Natural deodorant with truffle regrowth inhibitor. I have my mother and my aunt using it now as well. I love it and this small bottle lasts long.” Diana, Brooklyn

- Acorelle Hair Minimizer Deodorant