Declutter Your Life: Here’s How

Did you know that clutter has an affect on how we feel? It’s true; when we hoard objects to the point of having them lying about the house, it weighs down on us and adds to our stress and mental anxiety, even if we may not attribute it to such. But it’s not just physical […]

Here’s why we think Multi-Gyn IntiSkin will be your new best friend.

  There’s this thing about friends; they stick around when you need them most. When things get ugly, when you need some kind of respite or more simply when you need someone to make you feel better, good friends are always within reach.   We could almost say the exact same thing about Multi-Gyn Intiskin. […]

Our Seas are Our Home too

You might have seen the image on your social media feed, of a small, beautiful seahorse grasping a cotton bud as it rode the ocean currents. It has been described as a heart-breaking image, one that should never have been seen. The photographer of the image, Justin Hofman, described the devastation and anger they felt […]

Beauty is…

A few weeks ago, we asked our dear customers, friends and followers what it was that made them feel beautiful. The response was raw, honest and overwhelming. We decided to gather all the responses up and share them, because we truly believe there’s a lot to be learnt from these words. Beauty is such a […]

Giveaways for The Month of Love

Our followers are used to us by now – we love nothing more than to spoil them every so often with gifts aimed at making them feel better, whether it’s a massage, healthy natural products or perfumes which turn heads…   Here’s what we’re up to this month:   Our “Feel Beautiful” campaign is already […]

Why Choose Natural Products?

This is a question we come across quite often and one which is surprisingly, quite easy to answer. Let us pose this question first and we’ll take it from there: If you could choose between a natural-based product and a chemical-based product, both of which achieve the same outcome and feel the same, which one […]

Bioclin Aloe Plantation village

The Story behind the Products you Buy

We live a consumerist’s world. We buy, we use and we either store out of sight or we throw away, without a second thought. How much do we really know about the products we use though? Where do they come from? Who made them? Are they safe? How many of us have asked these questions […]

Our New Year Resolutions, with a twist

A lot of people treat the new year very much like they would start a new book. Before you buy it, you will have presumably read the blurb, decided it was up your alley and put it in your cart. You might have also liked the book cover and decided it would look pretty on […]

multi-gyn intimate products for women, christmas post

The Christmas love/hate Story

You don’t need to look at the calendar to know we’re well into December. If it’s not the biting cold as you leave the warmth of your house or office, it’s the lights, the carols, the perpetually hanging Santa Claus at the edge of balconies, or the dreaded scales defying our attempt to squeeze into […]

Ready To Win A Hamper Worth Over €100?

It’s Christmas – and we’re feeling extra generous…   **Round 1 Participants** You’re already in the draw – congrats! **Round 2 Participants** Here are some instructions to get you into the draw: 1. Tag your friend in the Facebook post dedicated to this competition (it look like the   photo on the side) and wish […]