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Multi-Gyn Liquigel – Not just any lubricant!

  Multi-Gyn Liquigel has become a firm favourite in Malta since its introduction 14 years ago. Multi-Gyn Liquigel is based on the 2QR formula which: Is natural, safe and protects the vaginal flora Treats and instantly relieves vaginal dryness Stimulates the natural moisture Prevents irritation and conditions the vaginal tissue All Multi-Gyn products are available […]

Why Multi-Gyn Actigel?

After 14 years on the local market, Multi-Gyn Actigel has become a reliable staple for every woman. Multi-Gyn Actigel acts safely and swiftly on all vaginal irritations which cause redness, soreness, itching and general discomfort. ┬áIt is particularly necessary for those women, especially during pregnancy, to combat bacterial vaginosis. It’s unique formula 2QR, which is […]