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We are constantly besieged by demands.

Whether they’re professional, personal or of a broader nature, people and situations are constantly asking things of us. And we give and give, partly due to commitment, partly out of love but also in some cases out of a sense of obligation. Perhaps there’s a work deadline you must not miss, your child’s concert you’re keen to attend, your partner’s work event, a check-up for your pet, an event you’re hosting and everything else that goes along with it. Of course, then there are society’s demands that you look good, that you dye your hair and do your nails every so often. Sometimes we live through days of giving until we realise we’re tired. All that giving will, at some point, burn you out.

Have you ever thought that maybe these demands on how you should act, feel or what you should do, should never come at the expense of how they make you feel? Even when you do things out of genuine love, there are still moments when you wish you had some time for yourself, to do the things you truly enjoy – and that’s perfectly fine.

Here at SVEA we promote balance in all the things we do. We give but we also take – not selfishly but simply because as human beings the first kind of love is the love you give yourself. That’s why we believe the brands we represent embrace this philosophy. Multi-Gyn, Multi-Mam and Nutri-Gyn use only natural ingredients to not only make us feel better, but to also reject the use of more commercial chemicals which, in the long-run, might harm us.

Multi-Gyn is a range entirely dedicated to a woman’s intimate well-being, whether to prevent or treat vaginal discomforts.

Multi-Mam range is for mummy and baby during breastfeeding and teething, two sensitive phases in a mummy’s life which need utmost care and attention.

Nutri-Gyn cares for and treats menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats but also gives attention to bones and joint care, effectively and naturally.

Acorelle is a natural deodorant made from bicorbanate of soda that replaces artificial chemicals found in most commercial deodorants. It’s also alcohol and aluminium free.

So ask yourself every once in a while, how are you today? And don’t shy away from realising that you may need time for yourself and your well-being. Remember, your health is the start and the end of everything else.

Have a lovely day,

The team at SVEA x

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