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The Multi-Gyn range is diverse, with products meant to prevent, treat and maintain a healthy vaginal environment. But with so many names to choose from, how do I know I’m picking the right one for me?

Every case is different, and while we remain at your disposal to answer any questions you may have, there are certain guidelines you can follow which will help you make the best product choice. Ultimately, their unique properties are all great to have within reach on our bathroom shelves, for the rainy days which hit out of the blue.

  1. What should I buy if I feel itchiness but my discharge is normal?

Multi-Gyn ActiGel.

ActiGel provides relief from vaginal discomforts such as itching, which might be a sign of more uncomfortable symptoms to come. That is why this gel helps prevent Bacterial Vaginosis, while having a soothing effect on itches and other irritations. Use it whenever relief is required.

  1. What should I buy if I have recurring yeast problems?

Multi-Gyn FloraPlus

Because of its stimulation of prebiotic lactobacilli (which help to keep the right pH balance), FloraPlus prevents recurring candida and yeast. These usually occur due to an imbalance in hormones brought about by a number of reasons, including menstruation or over-exposure to humid environments. FloraPlus also helps alleviate irritation and odour and, if already suffering from yeast problems, will treat it efficiently and naturally. Use the 5 tubes provided in five consecutive days for the best effect.

  1. What should I buy if I experience dryness?

Multi-Gyn LiquiGel

LiquiGel is a natural lubricant, meant to stimulate natural moisture and thus avoiding irritations which the condition of dryness cause to the vaginal tissue. Use it whenever necessary and especially during sexual intercourse to avoid skin damage due to dryness.

  1. I am experiencing yeast problems and I read you should not use soap with artificial perfumes. What should I buy?

Multi-Gyn FemiWash

With it’s mild, soap-free formula, FemiWash helps keep the pH balanced while refreshing the intimate area. It is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins and you can use it daily. External use only.   This is also an ideal product for young girls experiencing redness and soreness.

  1. I’d like something which relieves skin discomforts, such as burning, but which is also refreshing. I also need it when I’m on the go!

Multi-Gyn IntiSkin

This spray can be comfortably applied wherever you are and provides direct relief from itching or burning due to shaving or sanitary towels.  It leaves you feeling fresh and has a cooling effect. Apply whenever relief is needed.

  1. I would like a deeper cleansing of the vaginal area. What should I buy?

Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche and Tablets

The Vaginal Douche has an ergo-dynamic nozzle that is easy to use and flushes effectively, without sucking the fluid back in. It is for use after menstruation or sexual activity and should not be used more often than that. It provides the ultimate in vaginal hygiene.

  1. I just need something to feel fresh in this Summer heat.

Multi-Gyn IntiFresh

These 100% degradable wipes are easy to carry in your handbag, are made from natural ingredients and have a pleasant, freshening effect. They also eliminate unpleasant odours.

If you have a very singular case, talk to us! We’d be more than happy to assist.

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