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When medication is too strong and normal hygiene is insufficient
Multi-Gyn products prevent and treat vaginal discomforts.
All products are based on natural ingredients and are preservative free.The products can be used next to medication and are safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Go Natural this October!

For many of us, October means back to school. Whether it’s us hitting the benches for another year at Uni, or our kids are making their way up in the system, or if you’re simply bemoaning the fact that traffic will become unbearable yet again, we have to admit – October is no easy month. […]


Why Multi-Gyn? 3 Simple Reasons

You may see our products occasionally making an appearance on your Facebook feed. You might already be a keen customer (we love you!), or you might be wondering just exactly what Multi-Gyn is all about. Multi-Gyn is an ethical brand that believes in creating products made from what Mother Earth is already providing for us.  […]

How are you today?

—-   We are constantly besieged by demands. Whether they’re professional, personal or of a broader nature, people and situations are constantly asking things of us. And we give and give, partly due to commitment, partly out of love but also in some cases out of a sense of obligation. Perhaps there’s a work deadline […]

Which product is right for you?

The Multi-Gyn range is diverse, with products meant to prevent, treat and maintain a healthy vaginal environment. But with so many names to choose from, how do I know I’m picking the right one for me? Every case is different, and while we remain at your disposal to answer any questions you may have, there […]

Here’s why we think Multi-Gyn IntiSkin will be your new best friend.

  There’s this thing about friends; they stick around when you need them most. When things get ugly, when you need some kind of respite or more simply when you need someone to make you feel better, good friends are always within reach.   We could almost say the exact same thing about Multi-Gyn Intiskin. […]

Our Seas are Our Home too

You might have seen the image on your social media feed, of a small, beautiful seahorse grasping a cotton bud as it rode the ocean currents. It has been described as a heart-breaking image, one that should never have been seen. The photographer of the image, Justin Hofman, described the devastation and anger they felt […]

Why Choose Natural Products?

This is a question we come across quite often and one which is surprisingly, quite easy to answer. Let us pose this question first and we’ll take it from there: If you could choose between a natural-based product and a chemical-based product, both of which achieve the same outcome and feel the same, which one […]

Multi-Gyn Liquigel – Not just any lubricant!

  Multi-Gyn Liquigel has become a firm favourite in Malta since its introduction 14 years ago. Multi-Gyn Liquigel is based on the 2QR formula which: Is natural, safe and protects the vaginal flora Treats and instantly relieves vaginal dryness Stimulates the natural moisture Prevents irritation and conditions the vaginal tissue All Multi-Gyn products are available […]


Multi-Gyn IntiSkin is a specific product for immediate itch relief but is also a vaginal deodorizer, and what better way to face the day than knowing that you have instant freshness so close at hand. New Multi-Gyn IntiSkin,  the latest product in the Multi-Gyn brand based on the patented 2QR-complex balances the natural skin flora […]