I’ve found the answer to that irritating discomfort no one ever talks about.

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When I was younger, I never recall having problems with my ‘down there’ areas. Without even taking particular care for anything, everything went swimmingly (pun not intended, obviously). Then one day, I must have woken up and decided I had had it too easy for too long. I started becoming sensitive to the smallest of changes. I realised soon enough that before and sometimes even after my period (I did not discriminate in that sense), when there’s most hormonal fluctuations and activity going on down there, I started developing yeast infections.


You can only begin to imagine what a nuisance it was. I discovered that this is quite a common thing to have but experiencing it every single month was beyond my tolerance level. I was forced to stop using tampons,  change out of wet bikinis as soon as I get out of the sea and to stop wearing tight pants and even thongs! Imagine that… Naturally, this took quite a toll on me. Physically, it was frustratingly irritating and uncomfortable as you might know if you’ve ever experienced it yourself. Emotionally and psychologically, quite a few days before my period started, I would be down in the dumps. Thank goodness, my partner was very supportive but I can’t begin to imagine what would have happened if he wasn’t. I obviously didn’t want anyone even remotely close to my intimate area.

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Back then I was prescribed medication to treat this horrendous infliction that had to be administered religiously 5 days before that time of the month was due .  After a few months passed in the same way, I realised that I didn’t want to force feed all these chemicals into my body. Also I was very aware of the fact that the problem was recurring despite the repeated doses.  They might have been helping the healing process but I was determined to find other means to restore my drunk bacteria levels, as naturally as possible. I started with the basics. I began really looking after my diet, making sure to eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, wholegrain products and non-fat dairy products. I read somewhere that eating yoghurt (which has lactobacillus organisms) was also good to prevent yeast infections so I stocked up on that too. But I knew this wasn’t going to be enough. Until, somewhere along the way of my research, I came upon the Multi-Gyn products. I’ve never looked back since.


Multi-Gyn has a whole range of products: gels, wipes, washes,  even vaginal douches which respect the good bacteria. I clicked on their FloraPlus product on impulse and started reading the description: “Multi-Gyn FloraPlus treats and prevents vaginal yeast problems. It keeps your vaginal flora in balance by suppressing harmful microbes and by supporting the useful Lactobacilli flora…” I couldn’t believe it. This was a godsend, AND made from natural ingredients! I read on their website that I could buy the products from my local pharmacy here in Malta so I did just that the first time round instead of buying them online (I was old-school, what can I say). I was a bit wary the first time I tried it, mostly because I wanted it to work so much that I feared I would be disappointed if it didn’t. I wasn’t disappointed. I went ahead and bought the FemiWash, the IntiSkin deodoriser  and the IntiFresh wipes for good measure, and this time round I even ordered online. It was delivered on time and in good shape, so kudos for that.


I guess it’s the fact that I’m back to living as normal a life as I used to, without having to resort to all those pills, which really changed my attitude around. The feeling that you’re back in control was the turning point. Thanks Multi-Gyn! I can even start wearing my thongs again! Bliss!

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