Why Choose Natural Products?

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This is a question we come across quite often and one which is surprisingly, quite easy to answer. Let us pose this question first and we’ll take it from there: If you could choose between a natural-based product and a chemical-based product, both of which achieve the same outcome and feel the same, which one would you choose?




The problem which might arise from this question might be simply due to lack of knowledge and understanding. What makes a chemical product different from a natural one? A natural-based product uses ingredients which are extracted in their true form from nature. Our products for example use extracts taken from the Aloe Barbadensis plant. Another example is  products that use essential oils.


So how are chemical-based products different?


If you take up a skin care or beauty product at random, check the ingredients at the back. If you can hardly pronounce most of the ingredients, then it’s a safe bet that the product you’re holding is chemical based. The ingredients would be synthetically (artificially) made in a laboratory by combining elements together to create, for example, a certain kind of smell, texture or which yields a specific result. Paraben is an example of an artificial compound used as a preservative.


Why is one better than the other?


The problem we have seen over the years with many chemical-based products is that while they might do what they’re meant to do in the short term, they may have side-effects in the long run. Since they are not made from elements that the body recognises (as is the case with natural products), allergies may develop over time. And this is only one side-effect. Recent research is also shedding light on how artificial products may also be linked to diseases and in extreme forms, even cancer.


So when you’re still in the deciding stage, go for products that respect the natural consistency of the body. Here at Svea we distribute ranges of products which specialise in this. Our Multi-Gyn products offer treatment, relief and prevention of intimate female discomforts. Multi-Mam specialises in natural mother and baby products while Acorelle has a range of natural and organic deodorants. Treat yourself to products that respect your body’s natural development. Check out our online store or find us at your local pharmacist.

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