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The Story behind the Products you Buy

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We live a consumerist’s world. We buy, we use and we either store out of sight or we throw away, without a second thought. How much do we really know about the products we use though? Where do they come from? Who made them? Are they safe? How many of us have asked these questions before? We’re willing to bet this is probably not a very high number, which is a shame really. Because some of these products really have quite a tale to tell. At least, ours do.

The brands Multi-Gyn and Multi-Mam which you find on our website are products manufactured by a company called BioClin. Based in the Netherlands, BioClin specialises in the use of 2QR-complex (incidentally pronounced to cure) which is used in all their products, including those you find here on our website. It is an active ingredient that contains, amongst other natural elements, polysaccharides. Now this little tongue twister is nothing but extracts from the Aloe plant (the Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant, to be exact). What is special about this 2QR-complex is that it treats and prevents microbial complaints in the most natural way possible, substituting antibiotics. How it does this is particularly simple to grasp – it stops harmful microbes from sticking to the human tissue. And the beauty of it all lies in its natural provenance. But this is not the story we wanted to tell today.

BioClin has an aloe plantation in South Africa, in Limpopo to be exact. The local people who work on the plantation and do the harvesting were poor, living in dilapidated shacks of metal with nothing in the way of comfort. BioClin built a small village for its workers, with decent and humane houses that have running water and electricity. The children also have a football pitch to play in. Given the state of some of their workers, BioClin kicked off an initiative to collect as many donations of any form possible. From shoes to toys and stationery, buying necessities like mattresses, tables and chairs, they shipped everything in one fit-to-burst container. And like all the best stories go, it arrived just in time for Christmas.


The next time you purchase one of our products, know that the people who made this, somewhere far away, are being taken care of. With your purchase, you are also helping them to lead better lives.

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