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Good things come in small packages.

Good things come in small packages; think about it. Kittens, puppies, babies, diamond rings… we’re only half joking though! And no one knows this better than Multi-Gyn, who developed their vaginal douche to be not only re-usable, but instead of using concentrated solutions like so many commercial brands, they developed tablets that come in – […]

Find Acorelle at these pharmacies!

We often receive questions and suggestions from you, about how helpful it would be if we could list which pharmacies stock Acorelle deodorants. Well, you’ve been heard! Please find a list of all pharmacies which stock Acorelle below:   Spizerija Carmen – Dingli Balzan Pharmacy – Balzan Distinction Pharmacy – Paola St. Monica Pharmacy – […]

Christmas at Sea

A Time for Giving…?

If I were to ask each and every one of you, what Christmas means to you, I’d probably have an endless list of emotions, associations, memories. It is funny how a single day can evoke so many different reactions. I suppose it comes from having certain expectations. We need to feel something different at this […]

Helpful Tips before Giving Birth

You’ve read books, listened to podcasts, attended every single class available and every Mummy & Child event too. You’ve talked with all your friends who have just given birth and your mum – and maybe even grandma for good measure. You believe you are sufficiently prepared to take on this life-changing, defining period in your […]

How are you today?

—-   We are constantly besieged by demands. Whether they’re professional, personal or of a broader nature, people and situations are constantly asking things of us. And we give and give, partly due to commitment, partly out of love but also in some cases out of a sense of obligation. Perhaps there’s a work deadline […]

The Multi-Gyn Month

Have you seen a Multi-Gyn post around Facebook lately? You probably have. We’re celebrating Multi-Gyn month here at SVEA, with June bringing out the highlights of all our products and inviting everyone to join in by sharing the posts. Winners will be chosen randomly every week and a small Multi-Gyn prize will be mailed to […]

Declutter Your Life: Here’s How

Did you know that clutter has an affect on how we feel? It’s true; when we hoard objects to the point of having them lying about the house, it weighs down on us and adds to our stress and mental anxiety, even if we may not attribute it to such. But it’s not just physical […]

Our Seas are Our Home too

You might have seen the image on your social media feed, of a small, beautiful seahorse grasping a cotton bud as it rode the ocean currents. It has been described as a heart-breaking image, one that should never have been seen. The photographer of the image, Justin Hofman, described the devastation and anger they felt […]

Beauty is…

A few weeks ago, we asked our dear customers, friends and followers what it was that made them feel beautiful. The response was raw, honest and overwhelming. We decided to gather all the responses up and share them, because we truly believe there’s a lot to be learnt from these words. Beauty is such a […]

Giveaways for The Month of Love

Our followers are used to us by now – we love nothing more than to spoil them every so often with gifts aimed at making them feel better, whether it’s a massage, healthy natural products or perfumes which turn heads…   Here’s what we’re up to this month:   Our “Feel Beautiful” campaign is already […]