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A few weeks ago, we asked our dear customers, friends and followers what it was that made them feel beautiful. The response was raw, honest and overwhelming. We decided to gather all the responses up and share them, because we truly believe there’s a lot to be learnt from these words.

Beauty is such a subjective notion and yet as a concept, it shouldn’t be. Beauty is something you see and feel, which changes your mood for the better – and we believe that that is something we can all agree on. Because although beauty can be seen, it must also be felt. So without further ado, we give you – in your own words – what makes you feel beautiful.



“Feeling beautiful is really being being appreciated by being complimented and being noticed first and foremost.” ‪Tara Bonello


“When I dress up in something new and know that it suits me, put on make-up and a spray of perfume AND go out with my loved ones, especially with my little grandkids and being told ” Nanna you’re the bestest and nicest nanna in the world! “. Oh, then, I feel so beautiful l could fly!!!”  ‪‪Josephine Chetcuti‪ 


“Getting huge kisses from my furry kids do make me feel as the most important person in the world and that does count more than feeling beautiful for me personally! Thanks for caring about your clients Multi-Gyn. Bet you will agree” ‪Charmaine Farrugia‪


“I feel beautiful when I get my hair cut. Whatever I do, wear or go, I never feel beautiful unless my hair is cut really short!” ‪Marylou Marshall‪


“I feel confident when i wear something new  that suits me, some nice make up done and hair done, and when my husband notices something i did and he passes a nice compliment ‪😍” ‪Antonella Zammit‪ 


“I feel beautiful when I’m laughing and surrounded by people that know me and love me. A good body scrub and massage do the trick as well ‪:)” Katia Galea Schembri‪ 


“Beauty is far beyond what the eye can see. I feel beautiful when i give a gift from the heart. The happiness you bring to others is priceless ‪💗” Suzanne Caruana‪ 


“It’s so nice when I get a compliment and also sometimes certain clothes makes u feel good 💝‪😊‪👍” Kate Farrugia


“Feeling beautiful is being yourself self and surrounded by true friends”  ‪Carmen Armeni Flores‪ 


“It’s a combination of both (receiving a compliment and wearing something that makes you feel confident) that leads to love and health” Pauline Ciantar Bianco


“I feel beautiful when surounded by true friends and that comment “wow is that your perfume?” Azzopardi Marianne‪ 


“When I dress my favourite clothes and when I wear my smile ‪😉” ElleYn Gallea


“I feel beautiful when I give something to others because it fulfills me” ‪Cassandra Xerry‪


‪”When I’m wearing something in which I feel comfortable and of course if I get compliments. ‪🤗‪😁” Doreen Xuereb‪ 


“Feeling beautiful can come from anywhere such as a random compliment out of the blue when you are feeling low and down in the dumps which could send you soaring to the moon and back. One particular episode I remember while at work was when a customer asked for a product which I knew very well we didn’t have on the shelf but somewhere I knew I had seen it in my back store room, after alot of rummaging around, I found it & brought it to the customer. She was literally crying tears of joy and with that she hugged me and kissed me and told me I had made her day. Apart from making me happy the situation also made me feel beautiful inside too.” Solange Abela


‪”I feel beautiful when my husband compliments me ‪😍” Stefania Farrugia Vella‪ 


‪”When my husband compliments me … it’s the only thing that makes me feel beautiful ‪❤” ‪Marty Diesel


“For me it doesn’t really depend on external sources. It’s my normal state of being to be in a happy mood and love myself, and then I automatically feel beautiful too. Of course as I’m only human there are days when this doesn’t work at all – but thank God they are rare.” Antje S Malta


“I feel beautiful when I’m surronded with the most important persons I really love and in good health, the ones who mean the world to me, my family and friends. A compliment doesn’t do any harm so I love to receive them.” Stephania Baldacchino


“When I dress my favourite clothes and when I wear my smile ‪;) Also a nice compliment from my husband makes me feel beautiful ‪☺‪☺ and when my daughter tells me that i look nice xx” ‪Claudine Galea‪ 


“I feel most beautiful when I’m around people that I can be my true self with. I also feel beautiful basically anytime I’m happy and smiling, especially because people always tend to compliment me on my smile.” Sam Mallia


“When I am surrounded by my grand daughters ‪☺ they make me smile a lot and make me feel beautiful and happy. Also when i do a facial or massage ‪;)” Doris Debattista‪


“When I do a good deed to someone who is in hardship I feel satisfied and beautiful and most of all blessed” ‪Miriam Gatt‪


“When I wear something that makes me feel confident ‪❤” May Cini‪ 


“When I wear something comfortable and get compliments.” Carmen Vella‪


“I usually feel beautiful when something that usually goes unnoticed goes noticed, like “I like the way you look this morning”, and you would have done nothing special. Sometimes it is the small things that matter most. Even “mama’ I love you !” and “Thanks for the good food !” from my daughter make me feel “beautiful”, rather special.” Enn Gee Galea‪ 


“When i am surrounded with positive people and good company! And being relaxed next to the sea.🌊” ‪Christabel Sansone‪ 


“I feel beautiful when I help someone and in return I receive a smile from the person I helped that’s the thing that makes me feel beautiful inside out ‪☺  ‪❤” ‪Veronica Azzopardi‪ 


“I feel beautiful when I see my family happy and healthy . If I can help anyone with same little hand. Leave the seat on a bus for older people or help them cross the road. Give children a big smile and say they are very pretty.” Deguara Bo‪ 


“A perfume can change my mood ‪😍‪😍and make me feel beautiful ‪😍” Barbara Bugeja‪ 


“When I dress nice clothes. Also a nice compliment from my friends ‪:)” Dorianne Meilaq‪ 


“I feel beautiful when I am angry, pleased, disappointed, annoyed, frustrated and happy over my son, cause when I look at him I can only say I made one hell of an awesome guy.” Vivienne Vella‪ 


“I feel extra beautiful from the inside when i help others when i see my family united and there’s peace around me !!! thank u Lord !!!‪👼‪💖‪😊” ‪Kate Farrugia‪


“When I smile and am happy” ‪Oriana Bezzina‪ 


“When you get the courage to cut your hair short after 25 years and after a lot of hair stylists refused to do so for me..finaly I cut it short snd it feels fine no regrets..thanks to my husband” Marlene Spiteri‪ 


“For me it’s a combination of both, but most important love and health ‪💛” Pauline Ciantar Bianco‪ 


“When i wear something nice and feel confident.” Victoria Vella‪ 


“Perfume make me feel better ‪💕‪💕” Antoinette Muscat‪ 


“The only thing that makes me feel beautiful is each time I look into the mirror as I believe in myself ‪😁 it is true that when someone passes a compliment you will be happy but at the end of the day how you feel is the only thing that counts.” ‪M. Sabrina Hili Bonello‪ 


“My boyfriend makes me feel beautiful when he passes me compliments, even on the worst of days ‪:)” Annie Cmllr‪ 


“I feel beautiful when I am comfortable and feeling good in what I am. A relaxing day will do too.Feeling healthy and comfortable clothing make me feel good….Oh yes i do feel beautiful when someone gives me a sincere compliment !!!😊💝👍” ‪Rita Zammit Spiteri‪ 

“I do feel beautiful when someone gives me a sincere compliment !!!‪😊 ” Elena Micallef


Have you read yours? Then share the post and spread the message: beauty is not only what you see on the outside, it’s how you feel on the inside too.


Thank you for all the love!

The Svea Team. 💕

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