Good things come in small packages.

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Good things come in small packages; think about it. Kittens, puppies, babies, diamond rings… we’re only half joking though! And no one knows this better than Multi-Gyn, who developed their vaginal douche to be not only re-usable, but instead of using concentrated solutions like so many commercial brands, they developed tablets that come in – you guessed it – small tablets in a small convenient tube.


You’re probably already familiar with the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche. The canula is designed to flush clean, without sucking back any of the essential fluids found in the vagina. However, perhaps what is even more important, is that the valve installed prevents pressure build-up, creating an ideal flushing effect. This ergo-dynamic device, which can be used standing, sitting and lying down, has been tested both in laboratories and approved by gynaecologists but also by women who describe it as extremely user-friendly and efficient.

The effervescent tablets that are used in conjunction with the douche are a story of their own. Commercially available douches will use preservatives that affect the micro-organisms found in the vaginal environment. This undesirable effect causes unbalance in the Lactobacilli (good essential bacteria) which may result in irritations that can end up in infections. The Multi-Gyn Effervescent Tablets have no preservatives, optimize the vaginal flora and help prevents vaginal infections. It also relieves uncomfortable discharge and odour and it is completely safe to use. Another benefit? Due to its solid, tablet nature, it facilitates application during travel.


And the next time you use your Douche and finish your tablets – don’t throw the whole thing away! The tablets CAN be bought separately, at a far reduced price than if you had to buy the whole douche + tablets combo. So you can keep using your douche again and again and again, safely. Just click on this link to buy your tablets, or find them in pharmacies.

Happy Douching!

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