The Multi-Gyn Month

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Have you seen a Multi-Gyn post around Facebook lately? You probably have. We’re celebrating Multi-Gyn month here at SVEA, with June bringing out the highlights of all our products and inviting everyone to join in by sharing the posts. Winners will be chosen randomly every week and a small Multi-Gyn prize will be mailed to you at the end of the month.


But what is all the hype about? This question would probably sound strange if you’re already a Multi-Gyn user. Our products have literally changed the lives of so many women, that it’s only natural that so much praise is heaped on the brand already. Its winning attributes?


  • The natural ingredients that make up all the Multi-Gyn products – not medicinal – allowing the user to make use of it as frequently as needed.
  • The fact that Multi-Gyn works, efficiently and rapidly to make you feel better instantly.
  • The clinical studies which prove that the products DO work, safely, and are efficient in their treatment and/or prevention.
  • The fact that you can find it in every single pharmacy in Malta and also at a number of pharmacies in Gozo.
  • The convenience of being able to purchase it online and having it delivered for free straight to your home.


The whole Multi-Gyn range caters for a variety of situations, all related to the intimate area. Whether it’s preventing and curing recurring Bacterial Vaginosis, to treating and relieving you from uncomfortable symptoms of thrush and maintaining a healthy balance of flora, Multi-Gyn ticks all the boxes. You could say they have become a staple on every Maltese women’s bathroom shelf – but if you haven’t tried them yet, then this is your chance to do so.


Check out the Multi-Gyn range online or head over to your pharmacist. Talk to us on Facebook with any questions you might have and we’ll be more than happy to guide you to the right product for you.


Multi-Gyn – the natural way to keep you feeling fresh all Summer long.

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