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Motherhood. One word, a million emotions. Who would have thought that a three-syllable word could contain so much strength and fragility in equal measure? Those who have experienced it can tell; it will reveal just how strong you can be, but it can also test you, exposing all your little weaknesses until one by one, you manage to endure them all. In a sense that’s motherhood for you, one challenge after another which, when taken as a whole, result in one of the most beautiful stories ever told.


Here at SVEA, we too have our own stories to tell. Some will echo with your own, which is why we’re here to promote them, because we truly believe in what we have to say. Our mother and baby products were made by mothers, for mothers with only one aim in mind: to ease discomforts and ultimately make mummies and babies that much happier. Because motherhood is full of concerns already –and we think you can do without a few in your way. So let’s see what stories our products have to tell:


Multi-Mam Balm:  Multi-Mam Balm targets the nipple area, protecting before and during breastfeeding. When a mummy breastfeeds, the process naturally removes skin supplements and natural fat from around the area. The balm replaces this, preventing cracked nipples. It is completely lanolin-free, being a plant-based alternative to such remedies. It is non-sticky, and has no taste or smell so you can breastfeed as normal. Unfortunately many mummies skip the precautionary measures, opting to treat once the harm is done. Multi-Mam Balm is the product of the age-old adage, Prevention is better than Cure.


Multi-Mam Compresses:  For those who might have already started breastfeeding, Multi-Mam Compresses bring relief to sore nipples, soothing and optimizing the condition of the skin. Not content with just curing (the bio-active properties enhance the healing process), the Compresses will also prevent any infections which might develop as a result of breastfeeding, giving mummies a 360 degree solution for all their breast-woes. And it’s all natural ingredients inside!


Multi-Mam BabyDent: This completely safe and preservative-free gel for teething babies is a little miracle in a tube. It provides direct soothing relief to babies during this troublesome period, without employing any anaesthetic drugs. Rub gently onto gums, pacifiers or teething rings or put in the refrigerator for that extra soothing boost.  Despite being sugar-free, the gel even has a pleasant taste! Win-win!


Whatever stage you’re in during this exciting period of your life, Multi-Mam can help you cope with moments you might find overwhelming. No one mummy experiences the same thing as another (it’s different with one mother between her own children, let alone!), but it does not mean you need to go through everything on your own. Talk to us with any concern you might have or if you have questions about products. Above all, enjoy this period. It is over ever so quickly…

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