Multi-Mam BabyDent

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In Stock

Product Description

  • Natural, safe and harmless when swallowed
  • Especially developed for teething babies
  • No preservatives, no alcohol and no ingredients of animal origin
  • Sugar free and does not affect the teeth
  • Pleasant taste
  • No anesthetic drugs


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Multi-Mam BabyDent is a gel especially developed for teething babies. The bio-active gel soothes and relieves local discomforts which normally accompany the teething period.

Multi-Mam BabyDent is a safe product for babies. All ingredients of BabyDent are positively tested for safety.

BabyDent is most effective when the gel is massaged onto the gums with a clean finger or a small soft toothbrush. For an extra soothing effect, Multi-Mam BabyDent can be stored in the refrigerator. The cool gel will immediately soothe the discomforts.  Another suitable way of application is to put some gel directly onto a pacifier or teething ring. Multi-Mam BabyDent can also be used for skin rashes caused by drooling. Apply a small amount of gel on the irritated skin around the mouth.

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