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Multi-Gyn IntiSkin is a specific product for immediate itch relief but is also a vaginal deodorizer, and what better way to face the day than knowing that you have instant freshness so close at hand.

New Multi-Gyn IntiSkin,  the latest product in the Multi-Gyn brand based on the patented 2QR-complex balances the natural skin flora by neutralising bad bacteria. New Multi-Gyn IntiSkin safely  eliminates odour and leaves you feeling fresh in a safe and natural way whilst supporting the barrier function of the intimate skin.

Multi-Gyn IntiSkin also provides direct relief from discomforts of the intimate skin area such as itching, irritations and burning.

Directions for use

Apply Multi-Gyn IntiSkin at least 2 to 3 times per day or whenever relief is needed. Spray briefly once or twice on the affected area. Multi-Gyn IntiSkin can be sprayed at any angle, even sideways or upside down.


Another must in your handbag is the new vaginal wipes, MULTI-GYN INTIFRESH,   a handy flowpack consisting of 12 intimate wipes.  These eco friendly wipes are perfect for those awkward moments when a shower is not so readily available for example on a flight or any other moment when you feel that a cleansing wipe is just what you need to carry on the day feeling clean and fresh.


All Multi-Gyn products are available in pharmacies.

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