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When medication is too strong and normal hygiene is insufficient
Multi-Gyn products prevent and treat vaginal discomforts.
All products are based on natural ingredients and are preservative free.The products can be used next to medication and are safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Multi-Gyn – Skinny jeans … A problem?

It’s definitely my favourite fashion item: my blue skinny jeans. Great to accentuate your figure! Lots of women I know wear skinny jeans. I think they look good on many people. But did you know that it’s not wise to wear skinny jeans every single day? Let it breathe They look good and have a […]


A dry vagina? You might be thinking that vaginal dryness only occurs with women in menopause. Well, that is definitely not the case. Did you know that even women in their twenties or thirties can experience vaginal dryness? This can be very annoying, especially sex can be painful. There are many possible causes for a […]