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For many of us, October means back to school. Whether it’s us hitting the benches for another year at Uni, or our kids are making their way up in the system, or if you’re simply bemoaning the fact that traffic will become unbearable yet again, we have to admit – October is no easy month. Coupled with the fact that temperatures are still high, and it’s so humid it feels like a tangible, wet wall, September is not very high up on many people’s favourite months list. With good reason.


Here’s the silver lining – it’s still warm enough to hit the beach, and a nice evening walk does not have to feel like we’ve fallen into Dante’s Inferno. The breeze, if not exactly fresh, is not hot and we feel it’s enough to lift our spirits. It’s the gateway to Autumn and while this country feels like it misses the season memo once too often, temperatures do drop ever so slightly.


Here’s another silver lining for all our customers. If the hot weather still makes you feel uncomfortable in your intimate areas, Multi-Gyn is the natural solution to all your problems. Whether it’s our trusted IntiSkin to keep you feeling fresh, IntiFresh wipes to help you feel squeaky clean when on the go or Multi-Gyn ActiGel to ward off any unwanted discomforts, the entire range is one click away from being delivered straight to your home.


If you think we’ve forgotten THE deodorant – fear not! Our Summer buddy has not been left behind. Our Acorelle deodorant roll-ons are perfect to carry around thanks to their handy size. They come in two variations, Meadowsweet and Camomile for sensitive skin. Made from entirely natural ingredients, these deos keep you safe from the harmful chemicals we hear so much about, without compromising on quality. Acorelle will leave you feeling fresh from morning till night.


October can be a gruesome month for women suffering with menopausal symptoms. Luckily, we have just the thing for you too. Totally safe to use, Nutri-Gyn MenoComplete tablets are made from natural ingredients and fight off all the symptoms of menopause such as the dreaded hot flushes and night sweats, while also helping to maintain healthy bones, joints, hair, skin and nails.


So you see, October is not too bad 😉 Head over to our shop online or to your nearest pharmacies and stock up on Multi-Gyn, Acorelle and Nutri-Gyn products. The next time you’re feeling that the weather got the better of you down there, or you’re willing to switch to a safer deodorant, or you want to take control of your life back from menopausal symptoms, we’ve got you covered.

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