Here’s why we think Multi-Gyn IntiSkin will be your new best friend.

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There’s this thing about friends; they stick around when you need them most. When things get ugly, when you need some kind of respite or more simply when you need someone to make you feel better, good friends are always within reach.


We could almost say the exact same thing about Multi-Gyn Intiskin.


Without being overly poetic or anything of the sort, IntiSkin is your go to product when your intimate areas need relief or just general freshening up. Now, we all know how careful we are with what we use to treat our sensitive parts. You wouldn’t see us holding a brand we don’t trust with a mile-long pole. There’s just too much at stake. The vagina’s flora, like anything in nature really, thrives on balance. Too much of something could potentially harm it, making us feel bad and uncomfortable. Sounds familiar right? That’s because our flora does not really need much to be upset, which is why we need to be extremely cautious, and use brands we only trust. That’s where Multi-Gyn comes in, with natural products free from artificial chemicals. And Multi-Gyn IntiSkin? Let’s have a look at what it does.


Multi-Gyn Intiskin is made from a bioactive ingredient named the 2QR-complex, which neutralises the bad bacteria, leaving the vagina’s flora as balanced as nature intended it to be. What it does? It soothes, relieves discomforts from itching or burning and eliminates odours. In essence ladies, it is the Holy Grail of all down-there discomforts. Long day at work? Feeling itchy due to those new pants you’re wearing? Say no more. Sprayed at every angle, even upside down, the IntiSkin will provide you with the relief you need.


Ask for it at your local pharmacist’s or buy it online for free next day delivery. Keep one handy. It’s medicinal free, leaves you feeling fresh and clean, all the while optimizing your intimate skin area. Need we add more?

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