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Well Done SaveWave!

SaveWave is a small, dynamic Dutch company, specialized in the development of ecologically sustainable solutions to problems in the world’s oceans. Their mission is  to save marine mammals and seabirds dying as a result of by-catch in fishing practices, with solutions that are economically attractive for fishermen. SaveWave has won the Special Tuna By catch […]

Visit our MULTI-MAM and MULTI-GYN stand at the Mother & Baby Fair this weekend!

Do you need information about breastfeeding or is your baby suffering from the pain of teething?   Would you like more information about vaginal hygiene? Visit the Multi-Mam and Multi-Gyn stand at the Hotel Phoenicia this weekend, all day  Saturday and Sunday.  We will be there to answer any of your questions.  A free Multi-Mam baby changer […]