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How do chemicals found in products harm the body?

We know chemicals harm our body. We’ve been hearing this over and over again on the media, in classrooms and we’re constantly urged to find natural alternatives to everything we do, eat and touch. But how exactly do artificial chemicals harm the body? Unfortunately, it is a fact. This is not a gimmick perpetuated by sales persons and […]

Why Making Time For Yourself Is Essential For Your Well Being

Last night was pretty much business as usual. Woke up, went to work, had a couple of very stressful meetings, went home showered, took the laundry down, started cooking and then launched myself into other work I had planned to finish. Before I knew it (compounding my theory that my wall clock races ahead on […]

5 Tips to Help you Balance Life, Work and Everything in Between

Whoever said that juggling work, kids (never mind the husband), and a social life was a breeze, is lying. It’s the hard truth: no changes in life come easy or without a cost. They need time to adapt to, a helping hand if necessary, and the insane talent to keep everything afloat. Not to mention […]